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Who am I?

My name is Jael Jones and I live in beautiful Dinas Powys in the Vale of Glamorgan. As anyone who knows me will confirm I adore dogs and am passionate about their welfare and wellbeing. They give us so much unconditional love and loyalty and I believe that they should receive only the very best in return.

Following a 16 year teaching career I worked for the charity 'Dogs Trust' as an Education Officer for many years, and I am now building a working life which again uses the skills learnt here and build upon the passion I have for all things canine.

I have set up a small dog walking business in Dinas Powys and nearby Penarth. It goes by the name 'Dinky Dog Walking' (Dinky as in the nickname 'Dinky Poo' for Dinas Powys and as in a small 'dinky' business.)

As this name suggests I am not looking to compete with the big boys and girls in this venture. It will be a very small operation, with only myself ever walking the dogs and only in the Dinas Powys/Penarth area.

As I will be small, I will be able to offer a very individual personalised service. Your dogs will not be transported in vans to and from their walk. Their walk will take place from their doorstep in areas of Dinas Powys/Penarth that they know well and are comfortable in.

I will never walk more than two unrelated dogs at any one time (unless of course I have more than two dogs from one family who are happy to walk together.) That way your dog will receive my personal attention at all times and never walked in a large group.

I have a wealth of experience with dogs. Alongside being a dog owner for over 25 years, as aforementioned, I worked for Dogs Trust for many years, during which time I learnt a great deal about safety around dogs, canine behaviour and Canine First Aid. Qualifications that are regularly updated. I am DBS checked, due to my work in education, and will be fully insured to walk your dog. Therefore, you can rest assured that you, your home and your dog will always be in the best hands.

I cannot emphasise enough how much my two Pug dogs mean to me, and I know how hard it is to hand them over to someone else to care for. However, I can guarantee that they will always be treated as if my own and only ever shown the love and respect they deserve.

Do not hesitate to contact me via email, Social Media (all links at bottom of website) or by telephone to discuss your/your dogs needs further.

Best wishes,


Why Choose Dinky Dog Walking?



If you would like me to take your dog for a walk around the beautiful Dinas Powys/Penarth, then please contact me on:

Phone - 07475777003

Email - jael.jones@dinkydogwalking.co.uk

Or get in touch via Social Media

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